Come Dine With Me…

…Eat your heart out. On saturday i decided to cook a decent meal instead of the usual whatevers in the fridge almost instant meals. I decided on Lasagne, a dish I’ve only really learned to make recently but is my favourtie dish of all time. I looked to Gordon Ramsay’s Lasagne Al Forno recipe as a basis and ive kind of adapted it to my needs and taste. Its really easy once you’ve done it a couple of times and I think everyone should know how to make lasagne. (I’m kind of like Garfield when it come to lasagne, i cant get enough, this is why the only image i have of it is after it has been eaten).  As a rare treat I wanted to make a nice Dessert as usually its a yoghurt or Angel Delight or some greasy cake from the supermarket. This when my childhood took over and i decided on a crumble. I didn’t want make a plain crumble so i did some thinking and landed on strawberry and apple. A kind of compromise between myself and the boyfriend on our tastes. I like both apple and strawberries while as a fruit he doesnt get on with strawberries. As i kind of made the decision to make a crumble in separate parts of the day i found two different recipes for the crumble and the base. The crumble being for more than the base required but turned out twice as tastey. and despite all the sugar (230g) it felt alot more healthier and fresher than other desserts we usually eat. ( delia’s recipe )


About loobyroux

hello i'm Loobyroux. I am 25. I live in the Scottish Borders, not far from Edinburgh. I am an aspiring creative being. I love all kinds of Creativity. I ponder a lot and try to capture such ponders through Photography. Painting. Drawing. Sewing. Writing. All sorts of Muses. I love Graphic Design and Illustration. I also love fashion, but not in a fashionita kind of way, i like to have my own style,or at least try. I love taking photos on a sunny day. I love sitting in bed in the winter with a cup of tea and sewing. I love making. I am also a human magpie. And it is very nice to meet You.
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