I made my skirt look like an Owl…

I made the BF look like a zombie… (he chose the clothes)

I carved my pumpkin like an Owl….

This is the back, it says ‘HOOT’….


About loobyroux

hello i'm Loobyroux. I am 25. I live in the Scottish Borders, not far from Edinburgh. I am an aspiring creative being. I love all kinds of Creativity. I ponder a lot and try to capture such ponders through Photography. Painting. Drawing. Sewing. Writing. All sorts of Muses. I love Graphic Design and Illustration. I also love fashion, but not in a fashionita kind of way, i like to have my own style,or at least try. I love taking photos on a sunny day. I love sitting in bed in the winter with a cup of tea and sewing. I love making. I am also a human magpie. And it is very nice to meet You.
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One Response to halloween

  1. Amazing! Ok I’m a bit late on coming across this but love the owl outfit!!

    (Hope you have a lovely Christmas… yup that gives away my lateness! x)

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